Monday, June 22, 2009

Marked a House of the Night Book 1

Basic Plot:-
In these books vampyres (please note this is not a spelling mistake this is how it is spelt in the novels) not only exist but are also tolerated by humans. Without giving away to much of the plot the vampire mythology has under gone yet another shift in these novels. Vampyres are not created they are marked and it happens in your teenage years and there is no telling who it will happen to. Once you have been marked you enter The House of the Night a school where you learn to be a vampyre. There are the usual teen problems of fitting in, finding friend and belonging. It should be remembered that this is book one so there will not be a neat and tidy ending to this book. There is a hook that is of course meant to drag you on to book two.
The book is a quick and I have to say very easy read if you are looking for something in-depth or something to sink your teeth into (pun intended) than this novel is not for you. What I will tell you that this book is clearly aimed at teens and there is a lot of suggestive language and themes in it. I have seen other reviews where people have been comparing this book to Twilight, they are very different books and any comparison is worthless. The writing however in this book is poorer than in the Twilight novel which was not that great to begin with.
Overall I enjoyed this book so I will be getting the second book and the third which I will review when I am done.

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