Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My top five vampires

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately because I keep getting asked who my favorite vampire is. Some people are in fact quite shocked when I tell them that Edward Cullen does not even make my top five. In their defense the only other vampire most of these people know is Dracula who is not on my top five list either. I have had to go to great pains to tell these people that I loved the Twilight saga books and I have read them several times each as well as the partial draft of midnight sun, so I believe that I know Edward Cullen pretty well it is simply that he does not appeal to me as much as my other vampires. So who are my top five?

1. Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties. Henry has just been voted sexiest vampire of all time (and he killed the competition) and I have to say I could not agree more. He is without a doubt one of the sexist characters in TV vampire or not. Now the show Blood Ties is based on the Blood books by Tanya Huff and Kyle who played Henry took a character that we all loved and made him even better and I didn’t think that was possible. The thing that I love most about Henry is that he loves the fact that he is a vampire and he still feeds on people be they willing or not. Now I should point out here that Henry does not kill when he feeds he takes what he needs and no more and not less. There is no moping around about having killed people in the past, in fact two of his lines that are my favorite are “I have killed in the past and I will kill again it is what I am”, “Every time I feed I am deciding to live” Here is where I should point out the Henry Fitroy was a real person and in fact the bastard son of Henry the 8th who just happened to die mysteriously at the age of 17. Now Henry was the only bastard child to ever be acknowledged by the king and as such was raised to be a king. They use this fact in the show and Henry is every bit the prince all the time.
2. Angel/Angelus – I mean really do I need to say anymore than that. It was really hard for me to bump Angel from number one to number two as he was my first vampire love but it had to be done. Now there will be hardcore Buffy and Angel fans out there that want my blood but rest assured I include myself as a hard core Buffy and Angel fan. Angel is just the right mix of vampire and man for me. The way he loves and protects those around him is something to see and watch. Surprisingly he is quite the nerd at times which makes for some really funny moments on the show. I think that his character actually becomes stronger when he is in his own show rather than simply a cast member of Buffy which I suppose is not surprising. His relationships with Wesley and Cordy are really touching. Angel comes into his own with the birth of Corner and they are actually some of my favorite episodes from the whole series. Angel is just the right blend of brooding and glamour in a show that while serious does not take itself too seriously. Angel has fun when he is not saving the world or being a champion and I love the character.
3. Spike. There is one reason and one reason only that I love Spike and that is he never takes anything seriously even when his life is in danger he still manages to get off that one liner that makes you laugh. He is flamboyant, funny, ruthless and sexy all at the same time. I really enjoy the interactions between him and Angel the most, the struggle for top dog status never grows old when it involves those two. The process of Spike getting his soul back is a delight to watch. I have to say I enjoyed watching his relationship with Dru there are moments where it is clear that he loves her deeply and would do anything for her.
4. Mick St John from Moonlight. He is a newer vampire to our screens and played by an Aussie so there are ticks in every box for this one. The thing that is different about Moonlight is that there is very little supernatural stuff at all in the show, apart from the vampires off course. Mick is a detective that helps out a reporter, Beth, which of course turns into his love interest. Mick like Angel is not comfortable with the whole being a vampire thing but not in a sulky way he handles it quite well. While he does not feed on humans he does drink human blood generously supplied by his contacts at the Red Cross. Mick is a relatively young vampire considering the company above he has only been a vampire for 50 odd years. It is his relationship and therefore honesty with Beth that the show revolves around and the struggle that is how can we be friends or even more than friends when we are so different. Like Blood Ties this show only lasted one season on TV which is a terrible shame it is a great show and there was a lot of potential for it to go a lot further given the ending of the show.
5. Josef from Moonlight. Josef is the oldest vampire living in LA and I think if memory serves me correctly he is about 450 years old. He is been around the block and he knows what to get. He is rich and a really good business man the term ruthless comes to mind but not in the usual way associated with vampires. Josef unlike Mick does fees on humans and usually beautiful and willing woman. What Josef gets from Mick is someone that doesn’t care that he is rich he likes him for him and Josef respects him for that. Josef relies on Mick to keep the peace in the vampire community and to ensure that their existence remains a secret no matter what. Josef is smart, rich, self confident and at times quite funny.

So there you have it my top five

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Raven Blackly said...

Ok I have to tell you my top 5 Vamps.
1. spike (no one else looks that good shirtless)
2. Angel
3. Mick St John (Moonlight)
4. Bill ( Tru Blood) not handsome but very sexy
5. Louis in Interview with a Vampire (played by Brad Pitt)