Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga

I was lucky enough to be introduced to these books long before the hype began to take off. While these books are never going to be literature of the highest order they are cracking good reads. I could not put the books down once I started reading them. My favorite of all the books is Midnight Sun, which of course is the unfinished Twilight from Edward’s point of view. Many people have asked me if I think that SM will ever finish the novel and I really think she has no choice but to finish it. The fans want the story finished and so I really believe that she will eventually have it published.

Which brings us to the second most asked question “Why do you think these books are so damn popular?” It has often been said that sex sells but what you will find is that Love sell’s more. There is not a woman in this world that has not felt like Bella or wanted to Bella. Edward is also the perfect man in so many respects but most importantly he is willing to change his true nature for the woman that he loves what more could you ask for.

My least favorite of the novels is New Moon there is far too much Jacob and far too little Edward for my liking. Breaking Dawn is also far too long and the whole middle section of the book could have been edited out as far as I am concerned.

Now for the movie. I could not have been more disappointed with Twilight if they had forced me to watch it in the rain. It was one of the worst adaptations that I have ever seen. Now I have been told that I am biased on this because I loved the books so much but I have to say it has been months since I have seen the movie and I still feel the same. So much so that I have bought the DVD and have still not been able to force myself to watch it. There was far too much changed and left out of the movie for my liking and I am sure that I could have written a better screen play then the one that we ended up with. If they screw New Moon up as much as they did Twilight it will be the last movie from the Saga that I watch.

Time will tell on this one

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