Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bloodlust by Alex Duval

Bloodlust is the first novel in the Vampire Beach series there are five other novel currently after this one. This book is aimed at the teen market and I guess that we have already established that I have no problem reading teenage novels.

Jason Freeman and his family have just moved to DeVere Heights in Malibu. Jason see’s this change as a way to spice up his predictable life. It is not long before Jason runs into the beyond words beautiful Sienna he also quickly learns that Sienna and his new found friends are hiding a dark secret. While this book is about Jason it is his new found friends that make the story flow. Jason knows that there is something not quite right with his new friends and try as he might he cannot ignore the strange things that keep on happening around him.

It seems that the new take on vampires for the 21st is that they secretly live among us, are ultra rich and of course can go out in the sunlight. (I have to say here I miss the old days). I am not sure if this is a Twilight spun revolution or not but it seems to be here to stay thank goodness the sparkling didn’t stick is all I can say. While of course this is a vampire story it is also the age old teenage story of trying to find your place in the world so there is something for everyone.
The novel is extremely short and the ending feels a little rushed to me, that being said it should be remembered that this is the first of six novels so it really is a setup for the following five novels or at least I hope so. I did not get the use of some of the slang terms the author used they may be American Slang or it could be that the novel was written in 2006 and slang moves so quickly that the sayings are not used anymore. That is something for all authors to remember slang changes and it can date a novel more than time does and quickly.

Overall I enjoyed this novel and I am planning on reading the rest of the series. So my rating 3 out of 5 for this one.

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